System Features

System offers many benefits and business solutions to Industry at large.

Mobile Data Capturing

Photo, signature, gps and all the basic form fields available for capturing realtime events.

Cloud Based Solution

Online functionality, auto save and data integrity - data never lost.

Easy Navigation

Ready to use, simple and easy interface.


Ongoing Support

Ongoing relationship between us and your business to ensure steady growth.

Reports and Data Analysis

Automated reporting – ensuring correct audience receives correct information.

Expert Commercial and Operational Experience

Ensuring correct process flow and useful management reporting for pro-active decision making.


Mobile Capturing for Real Time Insights

Create mobile forms and start collecting data from any mobile device in minutes. Build mobile data collection forms easily and apply to smartphones and tablets. Employees can collect data, pictures, barcodes and more, from anywhere (online or offline). As soon as forms are submitted, you can analyze them in real-time!


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